Fly, Robyn, Fly

LIC Dawn

I own one CD by the Soft Boys, the popish folkish psychish outfit he led (maybe Kimberly Rew would argue with that). I know I have Hitchcock but I am into the fifth month of “I just moved and everything is in boxes.”
The association with Robyn Hitchcock though not with recordings but the radio.
I became something of a full-time WFMU listener in 2000. Working nights and driving in, I found if i got it earlier and sat in car, I could be assured of a space and over-air time.
It was on one such dimming day in 2002 that the station broadcast a Soft Boys reunion live from across the almost-in-sight river. The group was clever, catchy, dreamy, sort of Syd Barrett leading the Byrds. The lasting impact though was the realization that this was happening live, in perfect sound and engulfing atmosphere. Freeform forever and ever amen.
Which brings us to this year and Irene Trudel‘s program for an episode she dubbed the “First Robyn of Spring.”
Hitchock’s swirling psychedelic presence is perfect for Irene’s moody Mondays and we reach a peak with his version of his “favorite Bob Dylan song.”
It’s “Visions Of Johanna.”
One host, one guest, a lot of reverb.
It’s wonderful. It’s everything.

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2 thoughts on “Fly, Robyn, Fly

    1. Thanks. Everything you mention i went through, but to a lesser extent because I was coming in from suburbs. Some friends did move in and become full time parts of the scene. I now do live in the area and it had changed immeasurably. Those Avenues are sort of safe, almost upscale. i live off one. Yet it is essentially the same. It is the East Village,home of arts and artists, and will always be. It is good to hear from someone who understands the scene and why it is and was important in our lives. Thanks. Write anytime.

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