CBGB & Me, Me, Me, Me

CBGB & Me, Me, Me, Me


One thought on “CBGB & Me, Me, Me, Me

  1. Lovely piece. right on the money! I, too, was infected immediately by the punk bacillus when I immigrated (from Hamburg, Germany, the starter city of the Fab Four!!) to New York in 1975 and moved to a cheap place around the corner from the Chelsea Hotel where later Sid Vicous killed poor little Nancy. Immediately I was drawn to the lower East Side – my feet simply dragged me there, I walked down daily St. Marks Place with the cool vintage stores like Trash & Vaudeville where I picked up my 40s dresses (no punk fashion for me!!). The Bowery was the worst, strictly for bums. Avenue A was a no-go area, forget about B or C. It was incredibly shabby and drug-ridden. For someone from a basically very rich and swank town like Hamburg, the forbidden zone was downright deliciously exotic. As a music freak (I was once a rock reporter who saw Jimi Hendrix play about 4 times!!) I threw myself into the scene but missed most groups at the CBGB, except for Blondie. I did see Patti Smith, the Talking Heads, the Ramones a bit later (I still adore Squeeze!!) and also some of the RRRRiot Girls groups which where great. I have to say as a 60 plus boomer practically nobody I meet or know, old friends or new ones, is a passionate punk, rock, soul, funk or whatever fan anymore. It is as if comfy, well-to-do boomers have lost it all along the way to Boringville. They all turned to classical music and rave about its soothing well-behaved quality. The effect all this has on me is kind of nice. It makes me into a freak, just like I felt when I was 12 and discovered Elvis, rock n roll etc. and never let go of the sounds that shaped, inspired and enriched my life like nothing ever has – or will.

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